Dynamo Kiev made a good run at home, and especially for the first half, he could not be proud of it. After a quick corner, in the penalty area, Gjergje Muzaky was able to score. Dynamo did not give up and in the second half he improved his performance by one hundred percent, for which he had the goals of Sydorucuka, Moraese and Mbokani.

Dynamo Kiev is accustomed to life without his former star, Andrija Jarmolenka. His absence was felt enough, even though the home team had players such as Vida, Chačeridi, Sydorčuk, Bujalski, Cyhankov, Harmaš, González or Mbokani. Guests relied mainly on Shehi goalkeeper and young striker Sowe, who is a great talent belonging to Chieva Verona.

At 14 minutes Lilaj decided to make a very good attempt, but keeper Maksym Koval was in the spotlight and wound up. On the other side, after Mbokani’s pass, Denis Harmash got to the ball, consulted with his first defender and tried to fire, but Kristi Vangjeli jumped in the shot. Viktor Cyhankov sent the ball into the penalty area, putting the ball to Domagoj Vida. But his attempt ended up next door!

Five minutes before the end of the first half home fans were shocked – their Dynamo was losing! A very inconspicuous action was taken by youngster Sowe when he moved the ball to veteran Gjergje Muzak in the middle of the field. He made a few quick steps with the ball at the foot, and when he saw that he had space, he chose a shot. Goalkeeper Koval was pulling on her, but it was not enough to keep a zero!

Dynamo was looking for a moment, and by the end of the first half nothing was invented. But obviously the home-grown team has compensated for it after returning from the changing rooms. It had to be pretty hot in the first half, because a very different team started in the second half. And basically two minutes after the change of sides, the score also changed. The young Cyankov at the foot of the lime elegantly took Captain Serhiy Sydorčuk and his volley fell to the pole – 1: 1.

As if it were not enough for the home team, they were rushing for another goal. Just a minute later, even before the surprise of the guests had passed, Derlis González sent the ball to the back pole, where the alternating Júnior Moraes came in. He finished exactly and rejoiced, among other things, that he was in the field for about 4 minutes before he scored!

As a politician, the domestic players combined and played much more actively. Everything improved when Gledi Mici, Albanian defender, fouled in his own lime and could not do anything but a penalty kick. Dieumerci Mbokani came in to finish the match. 3 – 1 was the halftime score. When Morozjuk sent his shot at the end, his score remained the same.


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