The celebrities have spent eight years winning a return to the main stage of the cups. The Czech champion in the opening duel of the European League’s main group defeated Maccabi Tel Aviv at home by 1: 0 with Tomas Necido’s goal-back Unibet from the twelfth minute in the red-white jersey after more than three years.

Slavia only scored fourth in the cups for the last 36 matches, winning a win at Sunday’s derby derby with Sparta. In the next duel of the Unibet group, Praguers on 28 September will play in Kazakhstan Astany, who lost 1: 3 in Villarreal. The first two teams will advance to the elimination phase.

Coach Slavie Shilhavy made several changes and some stable members of the opening eleven had left due to the upcoming derby at the start on the bench. On the other hand, stoper Deli returned to the set, for the first time in the Unibet season, keeper Kovář, who worked in another Israeli club Hapoel Haifa between 2014 and 2016, and the Ukrainian Cup Sobol with the Slovak Hockey Cup.

For the first time since his recent return to Eden, he entered the base line of the red-and-white striker Necid and at the twelfth minute he endeared. After Sobol’s center he placed his head in the ball and with the help of the rod opened a score. He rejoiced from the first goal in the mens jersey since May 2014.

Slavia in the new team was more dangerous at the Unibet free bet online start. Just three minutes after the head of the gate could add Souček fuse, but from the excellent position just scorched the goalie Rajkovic.

In the 36th minute, Sobol repeated his co-operation with Necido, but the home attacker slipped off. Maccabi, the Squadron of Pilsen from the 3rd Preliminary Champions League, had 62 percent of the time in the Unibet opening act but did not deliver a single dangerous shot at Kovář.

At the start of the second half, he could raise the Zmrhal, which just missed. The guests added and after the hour of the game they created the first big chance. Kjartansson walked around the Blacksmith and rescued Deli, who turned away from the corner.

After that, the home, with the help of the forces, defended the seizure and then burned beside Atar. The Israeli vicemander even controlled the balloon in the second half, but it did not lead to the chances and the Pragueers kept three points Unibet even after Davidzad’s wound from the distance. Maccabi lost in the cups after nine matches.


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