This year’s flawless Arsenal home game is over. The first defeat to Manchester United was Manchester United, who scored Valencia and two goals of Lingard coolly defeated each defeat of the opponent’s defense and eventually won 3: 1. Still, the main credit for this triumph is the goalkeeper United David de Gea, who has retained his lead in outstanding performance and overall, has attributed roughly fourteen interventions in this match. The Manchester City cannon is the exclusion of Paul Pogby’s key midfielder who, due to a tough action on Bellerin, will be coming up for the upcoming derby with Manchester City manager.

Although Arsenal’s defense in the last rounds picked up one clean account after another, the start of the match was not disastrous and the guests were chastised coldly. In the fourth minute, Laurent Koscielny’s bad pass was based on an attack by Antonia Valencia, who on the sixth line exchanged the ball with Pogba and fired the ground blow of the run-up Czech. It was even worse for the Cannons six minutes later when Shkodran Mustafi failed to make a change for the change and a quick break from United ended Martiall’s extraordinary work Jesse Lingard.

Manchester was suddenly captured after eleven minutes, and it was up to Arsenal to throw all the power forward. The result was a crazy first half, when the home crowded against a retracted opponent behind the rampage of the match, but at the same time they opened the room for quick counterattacks and other goals in their own network. Still, Arsenal was far more likely to win, with repeatedly defeating United defensively, but again and again he was struggling with the last obstacle in the form of David de Gey.

The Spanish goal scorer has confirmed at least three times why he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, because he has kept a clean account against Lacazetta, Bellerin and Lukakua. When Judge Marriner did not judge Rojo’s action on Lacazetta at a depth of sixteen as a defeat against the rules, the half-time so despite the massive home dominance showed United’s two-goal lead.

Arsenal moved to the right where he had finished in the first half, and after three minutes he was retired. Alexis Sánchez found a great pass for defending Manchester Aaron Ramsey’s line-up, but Alexandra Lacazett’s ball to the ball was not enough to put the ball into the net.

The atmosphere at Emirates Stadium was still unstoppable, and the home crowd was making its way. The closest thing to this was the duo of Lacazette, Alexis, but both of them again hit the incredible De Geu, who first stopped the good shot of the first named and Alexis then prevented the goal-keeper from getting a fast-hitting leg.


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