Liverpool confirmed an excellent form and Brighton’s newcomer made a 5: 1 move. The guests took the passage of the game about 30 minutes into which they got into the two-line lead, and since then the course of the match was fully under control.

In the first serious shot, Firmino pushed through six minutes, but his home captains happily blocked the corner. On the other hand, Brian Murray’s cross-ball, but the ball was limped up by the keeper. The first goal came in after thirty minutes – at the corner kick, at the very least, Can jumped and uncomfortably sent the ball into the net.

After another two minutes of play, Liverpool’s leadership was already twofold. Salah ran through the center of the pitch, handed the ball to the left to Coutinha, the first touch of a perfect twist of the ball behind a pair of hitchhiker Firmino and a close second flush the net.

Brighton cuts off the second half, and Izzy Brown shuddered on the left and found a fine center on Murray’s thin limb, but Mignolet picked up the perfect shot. In addition, the counter hit the guests for the third time. Again, Salah was a quick counterattack in the middle of the pitch, with three of the defenders in the home limb, and firmly sent Firmin, who scored exactly and basically decided the fate of the game.

However, the home team did not give up and a few minutes later they also helped the main referee, who made a nonsense penalty. Murray stood up and ran cold-blooded. Brighton, however, has not been able to win the game yet, but has collected twice more in the last ten minutes.

First, Coutinho came out of the free kick when the jumping wall cleared very smartly, the same player then slipped into the lime at the set time and sent a center in front of the goal, knocked down by the unfortunate Dunk into his own net.


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