The troubles of Tottenham do not yet know the end. Mauricia Pochettina’s losers lose further valuable points when only 1-1 draw on Watford’s ground. The Son’s answer to the goal of Kabasele’s goal was, however, to complete the turnaround that did not succeed.

In the opening passage, guests were better, but the score changed for the first time on the other side. At the corner of Cleverley, Kabasse jumped to the top, with the exact header on the back stick racing home fans. The second goal was to add Richarlison after twenty-five minutes, which almost pushed him to the end in a small lime, but eventually his guest masters managed to make him mad.

A further counterattack came out of balance. Trippier found Eriksen in defending his defense and immediately sent a shot from the center, who found Sona, who had already brought the balloon to the destination. He paused dangerously from the mid-point of Doucoure’s pause for a while, but Loris’s goal was missed. On the other hand, Davies was able to take the lead on the side of the guests, but his wounds were also missing a few decimetres.

The key moment of the second half was scored 52 minutes into the game. The run-up to Richarlison, visiting Sanchez with an elbow in his face, and Atkinson judged so resolutely to draw a straight red card. After an hour of play, Doucoure could use the power play, but his shot finally stopped the left pole of the French goalkeeper in the Spurs.

Fifteen minutes before the end, he was in the dangerous position of Richarlison, but his ending still managed to block the defending Trippier. At the end of the game, Richarlison appeared to have the score in the equalizer, but Diera’s shot hit the post. Atkinson, however, did not see the situation well and did not whistle, so the two teams split the point.


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