After the end of the coach Zdeněk Ščasný, who was slaughtered defeat in the derby with Slavia 0: 2 after poor performance, his youngest assistant, service and age, became temporarily the main trainer of Sparta. At the age of 36, without previous experience in male football, except for three months of work at the A team.

And starting in the hardest way: Sparta Thursday night is playing Inter Milan in the European Championship!

“I have a lot of thoughts on how to play against Inter.The night on Wednesday was not optimal, I’ve slept better, “said David Holoubek, a successful coach of the 19th Spartan, with whom he won the title last season and brought it to the Youth Champions League. just before the start of the press conference, led the team against Podgorica, which the team lost 4: 0. It’s a big hectic for the Holoub. On Sunday, the adult team moves to the league league in Brno, followed by a representative break during which Sparta would like to introduce a new coach.

Trpišovský said yes. What bookmakers offer about Karl?

From nearly four hundred UEFA trainers in the Czech Republic, Jindřich Trpišovský from Liberec chose.

With Sparta already acting, he is interested in taking over.Now it depends on whether and under what circumstances his club will release him. Liberec owner Ludvik Karl is a tough negotiator. On Tuesday night he came back from the mountains to begin the situation fully. Trpišovský, who has a contract with the end of this season with a two-sided annual option, is likely to hold hard.

Although the exit clause does not have the background information in the contract, the gentlemen’s release agreement is supposed to be yes.

But it certainly would not be free. It can be expected that Karl will demand several million dollars of compensation. As it is already after the transfer term, the winter 1x bet break is probably also a player.The most talked about the striker Pulkrab who was playing in Liberec or the Konatém midfielder who after a recent strike trains with the junior junior.

“There is nothing in Trpišovský but he and his assistants are determined to go to Sparta, “MF DNES says about the current development.

But club management seems to have been 100% uncontested on Trpišovský, who twice advanced in line with the underestimated Liberec to the European League. The game was, and still is, Adrian Guľa from Žilina – an educated trainer talent, a hardworking and very thoughtful coach who studied profiling in the Czech Republic and at that time took Jaroslav Hrebik.

He at Sparta heads the youth, is a member of the sports council.And he enforced either Gula, but in the past Zilina did not want to vacate Warsaw Legion or Lechu Poznań, or former co-worker Vaclav Kotala. He has succeeded in Brno last season, now he has a 17-year-old team.

But all goes to Trpišovský. Men to which the cap is inherently inherent. Prior to this season Pilsen refused, even before Liberec was not far in the renaissance Slavia. This is a testimony to its qualities. Especially in important matches under him, Liberec plays hard, right, aggressively.That’s exactly what Sparta needs: she has repeatedly failed in key matches.

Looking for sports director

this is probably going to be a major change in Sparta’s sports club management, which is now missing a clear sports director. Officially this post is held by Hřebík, but in practice, it seems to be the only youth in Strahov where he is pushed away.

His position is outwardly unclear. What are the possibilities if you really decide to occupy the position of Sports Director in Sparta?

1. It will be a Nail, whose influence and powers would once again be greatly strengthened over the years.

2. Apart from the coach, Sparta will bring another new name.It is also supposed to look abroad, but the Czech version is more realistic in time.


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