“They play in seven people and know that they can not stand in such numbers. According to that, we should set tactics, “said coach Turů Stanislav Petr.

The Brno Brutal League has significantly shrunk compared to last year when half of the players dropped. Others have come, but the quantity must be clear.

“They have little boys, I do not even know where they were. The replacement of a cadre is one thing, but it’s more like the number. Initially, 15 players seemed to be preparing, but now there are seven, eight. They miss their best shooter Michal Křemen, who was also there. It’s a question mark, but we can not stop it. No matter how many opponents there are.We have to show the best possible performance, “Petr says.

Given the above, it is not surprising that in the previous rounds, among the top ten players in the league, the trio of the team from the Moravian metropolis. Serbian player Edi Sinadinović missed the place for 120 minutes only 48 seconds!

He will be in the viewfinder of the hunters of Svitavy. “We’re going to want to play it aggressively around the pitch. Try to replace more defenders with more fresh ones. And if our defense is going to go, it will be good to make a quick move forward. The transition phase will be key, “the Coach, who has seen only a video on today’s opponent.Too knowledge he did not get from the records. “I do not know what to do about these performances,” says Petr.

Brno is still waiting for the first prize in the season and is crouching in the penultimate row. Tuuros already knew the victory when they defeated at home in Ostrava 71:60. It would be nice to repeat the number in the box of the points received.

“We have to build on defensive performance, which was last team and in some stages of the match even aggressive. It is necessary to continue to make the matches, “Petr encourages.

The result of the game and the game should help the Tourists to make a more accurate interplay that is getting better with the coach.

“It has a rising tendency. We’ve been together for three weeks, then we’ve come to add.Players are looking at what’s going on for a while, and they get some of that. But I believe that it will only go up, “says Petr, according to whom the team continues to fight losses.

” The worst part is that all those who come to the pitch will take part in it. Then when it is cushioned…The loss must be no more than fifteen, no more, “adds the coach of the Svitavy.


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