The NBA’s goals to become more prominent in youth sport have been learned by the journalist duo Adrian Wojnarowski (The Vertical) and Jonathan Givony (DraftExpress). With official information, the leadership of the competition has so far not grown.

The plans of the new program are remarkably resembling the lure of the recruits of the US Army. They promise the best training, health care, studying…But no one is inspired by the American law known as “G. I. Bill “, which in 1944 provided war veterans with an easier transition to civilian life.

The NBA Academy builds on the Basketball Without Borders program, which was born in cooperation with the international FIBA ​​organization and has been visiting various world destinations for several years, and several Czechs have attended it.Instead of a multi-day training camp for the world’s greatest talents, it will include four high school years.

When it comes to opening academies, it has not yet been known. But we expect the first presentation to be in the months rather than the years.

Basketball Europe and both Americans at least initially omit the new program. He will focus on Asia, namely China and India, Africa, and Australia, where he should be headed by academics. It should also target talented young people from other parts of the world.

From quality to build quality

of the few details that were enough to wash out: three academies will open the NBA in China.

It’s logical. The competition for the mass of fans is eminently worthwhile.Evidence includes the regular summer tour of the biggest basketball players in East Asia, as well as the fresh contract of Yi Jianlian in LA Lakers.

With the entry of Jaa Ming to the NBA at the beginning of the 21st century, the emergence of the most populous country in the basketball world seemed untenable, but the appearance was misleading.

China has in the meantime built a rich league, has become hard-hitting in world basketball, but when the country is hosting a World Championship in three years, the national team will not attack the medal.

The NBA is not going to build on a green meadow, the priority will be to partner with existing schools and improve functional training areas.

The American competition will be provided by specialists – basketball coaches athletics, scouts, video analytics and other technical staff.And its know-how is not just for itself, the secondary goal is to educate local experts.

The academy should review the improvement of individual players in the regular quarterly cycles, plans are to go to Europe and the United States, and

The fund will fund a university education for “academics”.It will be determined primarily (but not only) for members who will not be able to receive scholarships at universities or professional contracts.

In addition to an international element in the NBA, the NAC wants to help academics develop NCAA and D-League farm competitions.

For US university programs and basketball agents to unify the rules of access to talent for the last year high schools.Eighteen-year-olds will either have an open high door or they will be able to sign the first profism in the D-League – and after one or more years in the lower league they will be able to sign up for the NBA draft.

the collective agreement between the NBA and the player will include better financial conditions in the D-League, so the competition should become more attractive.

Who is going to the track? European clubs and academies that have so far attracted the most hopeful young people, especially from Africa. After the signing of professional contracts, these players did not have a chance to make a move towards the NCAA, they now get another option.


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