It’s been five years since Sainz, the double champion of the rally, recommended Ogier to go to the nascent Volkswagen team. The Frenchman obeyed and now – after four championship season championships – he is the fourth time champion of the world. So much German colossus goes.

“After the birth of a son this is surely the best moment of my life.Winning another title is simply fantastic because we had to fight it hard, “said a 32-year-old man in the Sunday Spanish Rally, who is also a father since June.

The fourth prize went to the side of the famous Finnish riders Juha Kankkunen and Tommi Mäkinen. “Being next to these giants, I’m so proud.”

And there is only one pilot – the nine-time world champion Sébastien Loeb, who dominated the championship before Ogier. The French winning series has been going on since 2004!

And there is nothing to indicate that it should end. That Ogier should stop winning.

What is so extraordinary?

“During the race, he is incredibly focused and makes no mistakes. That’s fantastic about it.It’s the same as Carlos Sainz, “says Ogier’s chief engineer, Martin Hassenpflug.

They know each other well. They became friends. The official WRC site jokes that Hassenpflug is the only person who can stop Ogier. He has the right to take his car out of the rally.

But there’s one other man’s sight, Gerard Jan de Jongha, the chief engineer of Ogier’s car. “When I’m upright, I’ll say I have the easiest work in the rally. I believe Sébastien’s feedback, because he knows how to accelerate the car. ”

And he adds a professional insight. “It’s amazing to watch his helicopter ride. He does not reduce the bumps unnecessarily, nor does he go outside. If it is not necessary, he does not drive the car sideways. It has a tremendous sense of tire and an extremely efficient style.It’s not that noticeable, but it often has the best time, the least damaged rubber and the car or scratch. ”

He praises Ogier for his concentration. “He can immediately distinguish what is important to him, and what not. And what is not, so immediately forgotten, will take off the head. He will not distract himself. That makes him such a great rider he is, “says de Jongh.

And that’s proof that Ogier’s domination is just not over.

Do five years of unbeatable Loebe?


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